Are you an owner and looking for reliable retailers for heavy-vehicles parts?

Your way, our responsibility!” At Attow, It is more than a slogan: it is our daily

Every year the automotive market innovates with surprising new technologies
for all types of vehicles. For buses and trucks, there is a specific concern to
offer quality, safety and durability. In Brazil, where people and cargo are
transported mainly by road, having these characteristics guarantees the
protection of lives.

Due to this scenario, the entire replacement market had to adapt itself. For a
reseller, being it wholesaler or retailer, it is essential to have in their stocks parts
approved by Inmetro. For this reason they look for suppliers that have ISO9001

With over 19 years in the market, Attow is a fully qualified company which has
these certifications. We believe that to be a good supplier of steering bars and
tie rod ends for the market, it is necessary to maintain service reliability until the
product is delivered to our customers. Learn a little more about Attow:

Complete industrial center in Brazil – Having all the technology in machinery for
the production of parts, the factory is located in São Paulo city and counts on
extremely qualified employees.

Own engineering – It builds reliability of the product development process. And
it makes possible to maintain specific quality standards.

Own quality laboratory – Our quality control takes place simultaneously with
production. There is a check on what is being produced all the time, thus
eliminating the possibility of any part being outside the Attow quality standards.

High quality materials – Attow works with the main raw material suppliers in

Durability and safety – Steering Bars and tie rod ends are items related to
driving a vehicle, the objective is to deliver safety and reliability on the road.

Nationally and internationally approved quality – Our certified process and
products assure approval not only in Brazil but also in the foreign market.

With its positive performance in the market, Attow stands out among the main
manufacturers of Steering Bars and tie rod ends. We have achieved the
complete satisfaction of distributors, retailers and parts applicators.

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