Our order to-delivery process: get more about Attow quality standard.

Attow process is certified by ISO9001:2015, which is a certification that proposes quality and daily improvement in management and manufacturing processes in order to ensure trust and safety in a factory production. Having this certification active is very important to businesses, especially when we talk about Steering Wheel Bars and Tie Rod Ends. By keeping an organized production process within parameters we have been able to offer specialized service and safe products.   At Attow we follow the ISO9001:2015 standard and our manufacturing process is divided into:
1 – Specialized service 
Our sales team provides personalized support to customers by understanding their needs. As a result, they place the order aware of its specifics. 
2 – Intelligent integrated system
Orders are entered into our database with all the details, including delivery time requested by the customer, and more. 
3 – Timing 
After receiving the order, our specialists carefully analyze it and authorize its production.
4 – Manufacturing process 
Through the integrated system the order reaches the production line, where the manufacturing process takes place simultaneously with the quality analysis. 5 – 
5 – Packaging
At this stage the order is completed and ready for final packaging.
6 – Separation
The order is checked by our employees and released for delivery.
7 – Collection
After receiving permission, our logistics department schedules the order to be shipped to the customer.
8 – Final – Delivery and after-sales
We follow the order until it reaches the customer. Finally, we are ready to listen to you and clarify any doubts if necessary.Having an order with quality assurance and fast delivery is what the market needs in order to function dynamically. “Your way, our responsibility!”

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